CRM Solutions provides subject matter support in Thermal Analysis, specifically in all operations of space flight. Significant experience in NASA’s manned rated vehicle the Space Launch System. CRM uses Thermal Desktop SINDA/FLUINT as well as analytical methods to solve complex problems. Python scripts have been developed to implement boundary conditions quickly and for data wrangling Thermal Desktop output. Capabilities of CRM include thermal model development, steady state/transient analysis, coupled CFD convection modeling, ground environmental control, thermal protection systems, ascent heating, and orbital heating.

Thermal Analysis:

  • Thermal Desktop Model Development
  • Convective Heat Transfer generated through coupled CFD/Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Protection System and Ablation Analysis
  • Environmental Control Analysis>
  • Cryogenic Tank Analysis
  • Thermal Radiation Analysis
  • Orbital Thermal Analysis
  • Heater Sizing

Thermal Pre/Post Processing:

  • Python based scripts rapidly implement CFD and aerothermal data into Thermal Desktop Thermal Mode
  • Time Dependent Thermal Mapping for NASTRAN, ANSYS, FEMAP
  • Python based scripts for rapid data extraction

Thermal Contours for a Launch Vehicle During Ascent as Predicted from Thermal Desktop

Internal and External Temperature Predictions from Roll-Out through Orbit are Obtained

Interior Volume Temperature Predictions to Assess Purge Flow Thermal Control Effectiveness