CRM has a long history of solving time accurate moving body simulations, dating back to 1994 fire-in-the-hole stage separations for the ARROW missile. CRM personnel have modified two commercial solvers, GASP, CFD-Fastran, to include this capability. Additionally, CRM has created a quasi-unsteady in-house tool to allow automated coupling of steady CFD and 6-DOF equations solved distributed over parallel computing to facilitate rapid and accurate modeling of separation events.

The result allows dynamic events such as service module panel separation, shown in the figure below, to┬ábe modeled in a matter of days. Please see the “CFD PUBS” tab of this website for paper titles detailing the moving body performed by CRM, including the work shown in this section. Other sample of moving body simulations can be found on this website under “stage separation” and “debris transport & impact analysis”.

CRM Solutions moving body areas of expertise include CFD modeling of:

  • Panel jettison from vehicles
  • Stage separation
  • Booster separation
  • Coupled autopilot with moving control surfaces
  • Spinning missiles with dithering canards
  • Missiles with rotating tail fin sections
  • Store separation from fixed wing aircraft
  • Spinning blades of rotorcraft

Database Created with Thousands of CFD Panel Aero Predictions Coupled with MatLab and 6-DOF model to Allow Panel Separation Study Events with User Inputs such as Panel Mass and Spring Force

Navier-Stokes Simulation of Service Module (SM) Panel Separation on SLS

Quasi-Unsteady CFD/6-DOF Panel Sep Prediction Solved on in-house Cluster in 24 Hours

Fully Time Accurate JDAM Store Separation from a F/A-18C Aircraft (Navy JDAM Challenge blind study)

Fully Time Accurate Launch Vehicle Stage Separation; Uncontrolled Upper Stage

Fully Time Accurate Booster Separation from Launch Vehicle

Stage Separation of the Ares Launch Vehicle

Fully Time Accurate Missile with Spinning Tail Fin Section; blind study for DoD

Fully Time Accurate Coupled Autopilot with Control Surfaces

Fully Time Accurate Rotorcraft Aerodynamics for Spinning Blades

Time Accurate Simulation of Spinning Missile with Dithering Canards