CRM is currently on contract to determine the environments in the internal volume that connects the upper and lower stages:

  • Computational fluid dynamics simulations are obtained for the internal volume to predict IML and component heat fluxes due to flow convection from roll-out through ascent stage separation
  • Multiple internal purge rings are modeled and designed based upon computational analysis. These purge rings provide all internal volume thermal control
  • Mutli-species viscous solutions obtained which include volume venting to external environment
  • Predictions loosely coupled with thermal desktop to determine full operational temperatures for all phases of mission
  • Predicted results determine internal launch conditions, which are used to generate ascent burst/crush curves
  • Time accurate internal ascent computations are obtained and matched with empirical ascent predictions
  • Viscous computational fluid dynamics simulations are obtained to model hazardous gas leaks during on-pad and ascent to ensure flammability limits are not exceeded. Results used to modify purge rings if necessary.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Solution Depicting Internal Temperatures

Iso-Surfaces Depict Purge Flow Used for Interior Volume Thermal Conditioning

Velocity Contours for Heated Nitrogen Purge