CRM provides Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) system subject matter expertise in spacecraft ascent and on-orbit design, analysis, and certification. CRM technical staff has extensive experience in NASA manned-rated vehicle GN&C system design and certification, including Space Launch System, Ares I/I-X, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station flight control systems. Capabilities are summarized below.

GN&C Capability Statement

Expertise in launch vehicle and on-orbit guidance, navigation, control, and dynamics.

GN&C Technologies
Control system design with thrust vector control, reaction control thrusters, and reaction wheel/control moment gyros
Stability and filter design with structural flexure and slosh dynamics
Navigation gyrocompassing and alignment
Sensor integration into vehicle
Structural loads compatibility and Forcing Function Analysis
Rendezvous and docking
Process, math model, and uncertainty definition
High-fidelity simulation development and analysis
GN&C flight software development and certification
Failure Detection, Isolation, and Recovery
Real time support and post flight data processing and analysis
Vehicle dynamics and spin stabilization

GN&C Vehicle Applications

SLS Ascent and On-Orbit Flight Control System Design
Ares I Ascent Flight Control System Design
Control System Stability with Flex and Slosh
Ares I –X Reaction Control System Design
Space Shuttle Ascent Flight Control System Design
Space Shuttle Orbiter On-Orbit Control System Design
Spacecraft Dynamics and Spin Stabilization