Our Company

Mclaurin Aerospace is a woman-owned HUB Zone certified small business that provides full service engineering for launch vehicle, defense and aerospace needs. Founded in 1997, Mclaurin Aerospace is led by subject matter experts in all areas necessary for launch vehicle and defensive system engineering analyses. Mclaurin Aerospace’s primary office is located in Huntsville, AL with a secondary office on the campus of University of  Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Through our strong support to NASA and DoD, we have earned a reputation for solving the most complex engineering problems. Our areas of expertise, all applied to ongoing and past launch vehicle and missile systems, include:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • External and Internal Aerodynamics
      • Rapid Generation of Force and Moment Databases

      • Time Accurate Moving Body Event Simulations (Staging, Store Separation)

      • Real Gas Effects
      • Heating
      • On-Pad and Ascent Venting and Internal Environment Predictions
      • Extensive Experience in Commercial CFD Code Development
  • Internal and Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
    • Finite Element Methods
    • Hybrid FEM-SEA Analysis
    • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA)
    • Scaling Methods
    • Determination of Vibrational  Loads on Primary and Secondary Structures
    • Determination of Noise Attenuation Needs and Solutions
  • Debris Modeling
    • Debris Transport Analysis
    • Debris Impact Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Terrestrial Environmental Modeling to Examine Diurnal Temperature Cycles to Systems and their Components
    • Aerothermal Heating and Ablation Modeling on Vehicles that Operate in the Super-Sonic and Hyper-Sonic Flight Regime
    • Extraterrestrial Environmental Modeling of Vehicles that Operate in a Vacuum
    • Fluids Modeling of Systems where Heat Transfer is Significantly Influenced by Fluid Flow
    • Integrated analyses with Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
    • Control System Design with Thrust Vector Control, Reaction Control Thrusters, and Reaction Wheel/Control Moment Gyros
    • Stability and Filter Design with Structural Flexure and Slosh Dynamics
    • Navigation Gyrocompassing and Alignment
    • Structural Loads Compatibility and Forcing Function Analysis
    • Rendezvous and Docking
    • GN&C Flight Software Development and Certification
  • Structural Analysis
    • Static stress Analysis
    • Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
      • Geometric Nonlinear (Large Deflection, Large Strain, etc.)
      • Material Nonlinear (Creep, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity, Hyperelasticity, etc.)
      • Contact Nonlinear (Friction, Gap)
      • Preloads and Multi-Set Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis
    • Fracture Analysis
    • Buckling Analysis
    • Coupled Fluid/Structure Interaction Analysis

Mclaurin Aerospace owns an in-house 650 processor Linux cluster for dedicated computing provided free of charge to our customers.

All full time employees of Mclaurin Aerospace hold advanced degrees in either Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering. Our current staff is comprised of approximately 30% PhD and 70% MS. Mclaurin Aerospace has an extremely low overhead with no debt and all management tasked full time technically, translating to very low rates for our customers.

Please explore our website for more details on all items mentioned above. Our publications section can further provide a source for additional information. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions and interest.


Rhonda McLaurin

Les Hall
Sr Vice President and Director of Engineering
Mclaurin Aerospace